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No Hope no Fear!

“Are you 1-heimisch or 2-heimisch?“

The public installation aims at getting rid of the strict boundary between “natives” and “strangers”. There is a tendency in the right- wing populist discourse to construct symbolic walls between “us” and “them” by creating a homogenous identity of the “natives” and of groups and minorities from “outside”.

The aim of the project is to act against this rhetoric, and visualize the heterogeneity of people living in Austria. It is not about questioning citizenship, but against constructed narratives of homogenous identities. As a project title was used a quote from the comedian Karl Valentin: “Fremd ist der Fremde nur in der Fremde”.

By playing with the word “Fremder” (stranger)  was shown the relativity of being a stranger or a native (“Ein-heimischer”). The wordplay “1-heimisch” – “2-heimisch” dissolves the artificial differentiation of “us” and “them”, and gives an opportunity for the participants to rethink their own position within the Austrian society. By introducing the phrase “2-heimisch” was emphasized, that defining identities cannot be narrowed down on one factor, people should be proud of being “2- or more-heimisch” (feeling native to two or more places).



Péter Oroszlány;


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