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The web-based platform Learning From: Fields of Action connects projects from all over the continent, supporting the vision of an inclusive and solidaric Europe. The platform creates a collaborative space that deals with the topics learning, inclusion and civic action in the context of migration and flight.

We view the new platform Learning From: Fields of Action as an exemplary project, since this is a moment when we need innovative and unpredictable artistic methods in order to capture images other than those found in the mass media and to create an equally far-reaching and critical mass.

Learning From. Fields of Action provides a network for people who are active in civic engagement in the context of flight and migration. In the political context of heated conflicts and growing nationalistic and authoritarian tendencies, we aim at making other perspectives visible. We want to make it possible for those who are working hard for a humanistic and open Europe to share their knowledge and experience acquired in singular projects with a wider community. The platform should also function as a source of inspiration and encouragement for other citizens.

"Connecting civic actors as a strategy towards a more solidaric Europe". By collecting exemplary projects from all over Europe, we hope to facilitate synergies and cooperations between them. We want to raise awareness for the achievements of projects initiated by civic actors. We believe that mutual learning and the sharing of knowledge and experience are key strategies in moving towards a more solidaric society.

The project has been started and developed in the context of „Into The City“, at Wiener Festwochen 2016. The platform Learning From: Fields of Action was conceived as a continuation of the festival’s topic „Universal Hospitality“, to create a long term structure to enhance the growth and consolidation of progressive and solidaric tendencies within Europe. Learning From: Fields of Action is a long-term research and network project.


If you want to join the platform with your project, please send an email to info@learningfrom.at, including a project description (1200 words), three images and a link to your website if existent.

2016 - ongoing


Miriam Hübl, Jan Phillip Ley, Klelija Zivkovic, Brigitte Felderer, Wolfgang Schlag;


support: Social Design Studio;


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